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Crystals Should be Cleaned or Else, a Cautionary Tale.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

There are certain protocols used in food service. Serve from the left, and the knife and spoon go to the right of the dinner plate. When eating at home you may not care too much about these rules. You would never cook with a dirty pan because cooking todays oatmeal in yesterdays soup is gross. Just like the pan, the Crystal is a molecular vehicle for energy, and should always be cleaned and cleared. Crystals emit their own unique energies and frequencies, but they also absorb lower vibrations, or " psychic debris". As it with life sometimes, but not always I have to learn things the hard way. Which is what happened to me when I learned about this golden rule of crystal therapy. Cleansing your crystals is imperative.


I had been reading books on crystals and their care and metaphysical properties. When I came across a crystal lot on facebook marketplace. It was nice, a dozen or so Crystals of all sizes types and shapes for 50 dollars. It might have been a healers kit at one time. The lot was hundreds of dollars worth of stones. I ended up driving like an hour each way to buy this great deal, and so I go and buy these crystals from a little bit of a shady girl and I got the impression the cash was going for drugs. Call it a hunch. She tried to make me take a jumping spider, along with the crystals, but I declined. I was stoked to get these crystals for sure. I went home, set them up, mixed them with my other stones, took photos of them and started carrying them around with me. I NEVER CLEANSED THEM! Who knows what kind of psychic debris they had attached. They were dirty!!


I didnt have those stones two weeks, when I was grocery shopping with a substantial bag of them in my purse for really no rhyme or reason. Well, I got pickpocketed, stalked followed and robbed of my wallet and the bag of Crystals!! I had a buch of tip money in my wallet, I was able to pay for my stuff, so she got me going out the doors I'm convinced. It sucked, my cash, drivers license, and my beautiful new stones!!

A few weeks later a police officer called me while I was at work and said they had my beat up wallet, (excuse me!) with my drivers license. They had arrested the lady with a bunch of ladies wallets on a felony drug warrant! This was an indivuidual operating on a lower vibrational criminal element and the debris that the cystals carried attratced her somehow. I asked the cops if they had my bag of stones both on the phone, and at the station when I was picking up my wallet. They said they didn't care about my rocks. It was worth a try. I want to think those crystals maybe helped her get caught, and I hope wherever they are now they have found some good vibes on their adventure. I thank them and The Universe for this valuable reminder.


Crystals should be cleared and charged some ways to clean them include:

  • Sacred smoke from sage, my favorite is California white sage letting the used smoke out an open window.

  • Sound, bells, rattles and drums.

  • Running natural streams for water safe stones

  • Buried in soil

Charging of Crystals Includes

  • Full Moon light

  • New moon light

  • Sunlight

  • Reiki

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