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Reiki Legal Disclaimer

All of In-person Reiki shared by  Brezee Crystal Reiki is done in the  "hands off" method. At no time,  is soft tissue manipulated. During Crystal Reiki the "laying of stones", consists of the placement of crystals on the energy centers of the body and then taken off after the session has concluded.

 House calls for Pet Reiki are also always done in the "hands off" Reiki style.

 I, Brooke Arciszewski,  am legally an active minister with The Universal Light, with all rights and privileges protected under The First Amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America to practice beliefs as well as any and all religious rituals of our community by the rights of the 14th Amendment.

You hold the power to cure and heal yourself of anything and it is the belief of Brezee Crystal Reiki, as it is with many others is that the only healing that exists is self-healing. 

Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines.  You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor in case of serious illness.

Reiki Practitioner is not responsible for any illness arising out of the failure by the client to seek proper medical advice for them, their animal, or family.

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